Thursday, November 15, 2018


In a world dominated by opinion and emotionalism, we have lost our touch on what is just real and what is just what we want to believe.

Regardless of what we think or how we feel. The truths we hold dear are always based on our particular point of view.

The Vale of Reality being the one of the Last places left where questions are asked and welcomed and things are explored regardless if the outcome will match with any predetermined ideology.

The Vale is the Home of The Joey P Podject .

A Podcast based on the human condition. A place where science and Myth collide.

Along with The Soon to be released  Vale of Reality Vlog

Recorded weekly from the Looking Glass Studio deep within the Vale. Our mission is to bring you unedited content, free from Political, Corporate and theological biased. What we see and question is what we bring to you without a predetermined agenda or answer.

And lastly featuring the Rabbit Hole Blog where articles will delve into such topics from the paranormal to the science behind Climate Change and dangers of Artificial Intelligence and the rise of Skynet. A place where science and myth collide, we explore just how deep the Rabbit Hole goes.

So welcome to the world of what just is and not what you want it to be.

Welcome to the Vale of Reality.